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XSitePro File & System Utilities

sendspace  - Use this great free utility to send large files to me, or anyone else. 

Acronis True Image   - I use this software to image my hard drive for backups. I highly recommend it, as having an image will let you completely restore your computer in the case of a catastrophe.

Dropbox  - Free, secure online storage that lets you create a 'folder' (dropbox) on your computer where you can drop files to save them. (2GB of free space)

Norton Online Backup - The only online backup solution I trust. Backup up to 5 computers to one online location. It's best to just backup important files here, and leave the full backup to an imaging software such as Acronis (above).

Microsoft Live SkyDrive - Another free online storage folder provided by Microsoft Live. The nice thing here is that you are given 25GB (yes Gigabytes) of free space. Use it for backups if you need to, or photos/videos.

XSitePro Internet & Technical  References

butterscotch - Internet techology and video tutorials, the bomb!  This site is loaded with great tutorial on just about any topic you can think of.

TechWyse - Internet marketing blog - SEM articles - rise to the top.

BetterExplained.com - How to compress (and speed up) your website using gzip

XSitePro Windows Utilities

CleanMem - The absolute best utility for keeping your memory leaks under control in Windows. If you have any problem losing screen elements (disappearing windows, checkboxes, etc) than this is for you, it even supports Windows 7.
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