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XSitePro Graphics & Stock Images

dreamstime - One of the best for stock images.  If I cannot locate an image somewhere else, I can always find it here. Level 1 images are reasonbly priced especially if you choose the lower quality 72dpi web images.
Royalty Free Images

Veryicon.com - If you ever need an icon, you're almost certain to find it here.

freestockicons.com - The name says it all. I've been looking for some great free icons for a long time, this site has tons of them.

photostoGo.com - A decent price if you choose monthly downloads of stock images.

XHeader - An excellent companion to XSitePro, this header design tool can really give you a unique design. You also may want to look at Adobe Photoshop.

IRFANVIEW - The best photo resizer, great and it's still free.

Image Resizer - A Windows PowerToys application that will let you resize images with a Right-Click from within File Explorer with Windows XP (see Image Resizer.exe on the right side of page). *Note: a clone has been written to work in Windows 2000, and Windows 7 find it at: Image Resizer for Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Quick Image Resizer - a fantastic little drag-n-drop tool that re-sizes and even lets you add a watermark, it's not free but very inexpensive.

FastStone Photo Resizer - Another great resizer, free to try out.

Shrink-O-Matic - Online application that shrinks images to a much more reasonable internet/web size.  Try adjusting JPQ quality to 20-30, and dimensions to 200-400 (maximum) in height or width.

Cacoo - Create diagrams in real-time and share them with anyone. A free tool that runs in almost all browsers:  IE 7+, Safari 4+, Firefox 3+, and Chrome 2+.

WebGraphicsMembership.com - A killer graphics site with links to free graphics products and even more at the BLOG - highly recommended.

Hex to RGB Color Converter - A great resource.

Premium Beat.com Media Players - Flash slide show player available for purchase.

iElectrify.com - A webdesign company with a passion for connecting to others, and keeping design and conversion in the forefront. 

Peel Away Ads - Those little tiny corner ads on your website can boost sales.

Ultimate Footer Ad - The best Footer Ad source I have found. It's excellent and works like a charm.

A Ruler For Windows - If you need to measure pixels on the screen, this is the best way to do it, and it's free.

mailGloo - HTML Email templates that are reasonably priced. If you're in need of a newsletter, promotion, or holiday email template, this is the place to find one.

Header & Button Designers

Quick Web Creations - Button Maker - Great job, and excellent at producing fast and quick buttons, a must have for an incredible price.

My cool button - A really slick online button generator that can buid out all types of buttons, a yearly subscription is very inexpensive (around $10.00/year).



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