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XSitePro Hosting Recommendation

WebHostingStuff - Probably the best place to lookup a host and validate that they are good.

HostGator - My preferred host for most websites. They give you big bang for your buck, and you get unlimited websites, bandwidth and diskpace with the Baby plan. Use the coupon wordpress to get your first month for 1 penny!

Future Hosting - If you're looking for a VPS, or dedicated plan I've had excellent support and uptime from this hosting company. You can even choose your hosting server location and pick one close to home, servers are available in Chicago, NY, Los Angeles, London, etc.

CybrHost - For shared, VPS or dedicated eCommerce merchant hosting I recommend this company based in Ohio.

LimeDomains - An inexpensive and good Domain Registrar (they let you register privately too, for reduced fees).

HOSTFORWEB.COM - I setup client on this host, their prices are excellent, and their support also good.

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I specialize in custom XSitePro Template design & integrating scripts, forms, slideshows and email autoresponders.

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