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XSitePro Javascripts

HotScripts - My favorite resource when it comes to finding Javascripts to use with XSitePro. 

Floatbox - A premier javascript library that integrates fine with XSitePro as long as you change your DOCTYPE.

jPOWERED.com - A nice selection of scrolling text, fading text and slideshow gallery scripts. Make sure to double check as some are Java (instead of Javascript). I do not recommend the Java apps as they require that your visitor have a java virtual machine loaded.

XSitePro PHP Programming and Scripting

HotScripts - An excellent resource for finding PHP scripts. Customer ratings help you determine which scripts are the best.

jPOWERED.com - Dynamic PHP charts and  graphs (pie charts, area graphs, stacked charts, etc). PHP graphing scripts, they also have a selection of javascripts.

XCloner - Backup and restore entire PHP websites using this excellent free utility. Highly recommended.

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I specialize in custom XSitePro Template design & integrating scripts, forms, slideshows and email autoresponders.

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