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XSitePro Keyword Research - Finding The Right Markets To Make Money Online

Brett Simpson - XSitePro Expert

If you have a website, and you have not done Keyword Research, you may be pouing money down the drain. Finding the right keywords (less competitive, but with enough search traffic to make you money) is not easy, but it can be done with the help of a few tools, see below.

If you want to get found, you need good search volume, and low competition...

The proper way to get started is with the right tools, and knowledge of what you are looking for.  This is not always an easy thing, but I'm going to spell it all out for you below, in very easy to follow steps.

To get started, you really need the right research, and you need to know exactly what it is you are searching for.  Why you ask, you might think: "I already know what I'm looking for", but let's be honest here....

Hot Niche Spy - Keyword Research Tool

First decide on what you are looking for, in the list below (each one is done in a completely different way):

  1. Keywords for finding a new niche 
  2. Keywords for an existing website you own 
  3. Keywords to put up an Adsense website to gain adsense income. 

To get started, this excellent video by Aurelius Tjin will help:

Getting started with Keyword Research

Now, the steps I use are a little different, and the tools I use will speed up your process by 10 times, or more, here they are:

That about covers Keyword Research in great detail. Contact me directly if you have more questions, or ideas/concepts you would like to add.

Stay tuned for more XSitePro Expert articles to follow...

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