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XSitePro Mobile Design Resources & Tools

Mobile Preview Tool - See how your website looks on any Mobile Phone platform - priceless.

Google Mobile Search - Compare your SEO rankings on Google Mobile search compared to Google computer search.

QR URL Code Generator - Create a QR mobile code for any URL with this free tool. Save the image and place it on your website, or use it for publication.

Google Goggles - What Google Goggles means for your mobile searches. Hint - search for anything by snapping a picture with your phone!

Mobile Marketing Courses and Learning

Mobile Success Blueprint - Dave Guindon's Excellent Mobile product. Learn everything there is to know about mobile marketing and doing it successfully. SMS providors, Mobile design tools, it's all included. Highly Recommended. 

Mobile Monopoly - Fantastic Mobile marketing course. Recommended and required if you're just getting started with Mobile Marketing.

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