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XSitePro SEO & Keyword Research

XSitePro2.0 + XSitePro Cheat Sheet - For detailed SEO information, and other great XSitePro tips - I recommend using XSitePro with the Cheat Sheet. Get them both if you are a developer or want to go further with XSitePro. 

Website Grader - Find out how well your site scores, and what you can do to increase your rankings.

SEO In Practice - Take the free SEO certification course.

Real World Traffic - Blog - The blog at Real World Traffic is excellent and some of the best free information you can find on traffic anywhere.

Traffic Cafe.tv- An excellent blog for all things SEO, Google and traffic, great!

My 4 Hour Work Week - interesting 'in the trenches' blog about achieving page rankings, well done.

SEO Tools - The Ultimate Collection - from Search Engine Journal a list of free SEO tools. It's not always best to use these tools as they can take up much more time, but they are available.

SEO by the Sea - a must read blog on SEO. Amazing.

Link Building Dossier - Duncan Carver's excellent link building strategies.

XSitePro Keywords & PPC Campaigns

Market Samurai - One of the best all-around desktop keyword building tools, rank and competition checker, and more. 

Keyword Elite 2.0 - There are still a ton of keywords to be found in this new (updated) tool.

Web CEO - Very powerful keyword application, tracks rankings, searches for affiliate partners and includes a certification program.

MicroNicheFinder - Another desktop keyword tool I use, a  little slower to gather OCI data, but still excellent for what it does. Easier to setup and save Projects than Market Samurai.

KRA Pro - Dr. Andy's desktop SEO tool is excellent.

NicheBotX - Online tool for gathering keywords.

Google External Keyword Tool - You can't leave out this excellent resource.

Howie Schwartz Free SEO Content

Howie is one of the few internet marketers that I trust when it comes to SEO.  He often offers free content to give you an idea of what his paid packages are like. You can grab some great free information from Howie and his free PDF documents and other content below.

Howie Schwartz's free Video SEO Guide - Great tips from an online marketer that knows his stuff.

Niche & Keyword Research - Follow Howie as he explains how he does it.

Niches Uncovered - A list of valuable niches.

10 Niches that are valuable - Get a list of 10 valuable niches.

Classified Generation 2.0 - where to go to get free classified links.

MSN Yahoo pdf - Details on MSN and Yahoo and how to get free traffic there.

FriendFEED - How to use this Web 2.0 property to gain links.

Google Insights Search - What you can do with it.

Howie's Keyword Research tool - great free tool.

YouTube - How to make good use of YouTube to get your content seen.


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