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XSitePro Sales Aids - Increase Conversion

The Net Reporter - Jim Edwards excellent site and training can really give your marketing and sales a boost, if you have the time to watch the videos and apply them.

Virtual Smart Agent - I have used this software since it came out. Setup smart agents to 'ask your customer' to consider a 'discount', if the click the link to buy now. It does recover a few sales every month, so, it's a good thing to have running.

Dave's OnlineVideos.com - There are only a few people I trust highly in producing honest, tell it like it is truth in internet marketing: Dave Guindon (and Jim Edwards). Sign up for Dave's 'OnlineVideos' and watch over his shoulder as he shows you how he does it.

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I specialize in custom XSitePro Template design & integrating scripts, forms, slideshows and email autoresponders.

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