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Do your current XSitePro websites have customers leaving before they take action? 

You purchased XSitePro, and you've worked on a website design, but it's not meeting your goals, and not getting you where you want to be. That's ok, it happens to many of us, even designers.

When it does happen, the most important thing that you can do is recognize it and realize that it's time to update your XSitePro web site design with something that will stand out from the crowd, get you noticed by your visitors, look professional, and most of all - help you reach the goals that you have set for it.

I cannot make this any easier than to explain for you, so that you can recognize yourself when it's time to start thinking about having someone else design (or redesign) your website. There are many reasons to consider having custom XSitePro websites created for you, but here are the most valuable ones:

  1. You are converting less than 1% of your visitors into a sale (or you are getting fewer than 1% taking action). This means that for every 100 visitors you are getting only 1 signup, or 1 sale. An ecommerce optimized website can boost your chances for a sale, and at the very least, if you are not making the sale, it can help you build a list (of interested customers, in your niche market.
    * Conversion rate (along with Visitor Value) is one of the most important stats for your website.
  2. Your website is not achieving the goals you have set for it, you are experiencing declining sales, and conversions over time.
    * It may be time for a 'facelift'.
  3. Your friends, or business partners that visit your website do not say anything. Basically, they do not want to offend you. Unfortuantely this may mean that they do not feel that your website is professional, or serious enough that they can compliment you on it.
    * Saying nothing, means that your visitors do not take your XSitePro website seriously.
  4. You have noticed that you are not getting as many visitors as you did in the past. Your previous customers are still coming, but new customers are getting harder to find. Your search engine rankings may be slipping (this can be directly related to your XSitePro website and how it was setup or configured).
    * There are a handful of important XSitePro website tweaks that are included with your custom website that are included in the price.

By now I hope you can recognize when it's time for a website change. I also hope that you will consider me as your designer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for an XSitePro Designer (in order of importance)

  • Has over 10 years of Internet/Web Design experience and is successful in creating websites that achieve their goals.
  • Has been working with XSitePro for more than 18 months, and knows it inside and out - can explain complicated XSitePro design work over the phone.
  • Can show you a porfolio of previous XSitePro web site work proves that the website designer knows what he/she is doing.
  • Has a university level degree in Computer Science, rather than a junior college, or lower degree. If scripting or programming is required this becomes very important.

When traffic is your priority you should also make sure you find someone that has previous experience bringing relevant traffic to you online.

  • They should have an ability to do this across a variety of markets and niches, rather than in one single niche area.

If you are going to sell online look for a designer that is successfully selling online already with a full shopping cart of items (in a consumer market), not just offering single products.

  • If you will sell to consumers, make sure your designer has direct experience in selling/marketing online, this is required to 'repeat success for you'.

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Have an XSitePro Website designed to meet your exact needs with our  Winter Sale - 1/2 the normal price (I'm in a 'jolly mood')....

One Custom XSitePro Template: $597.00 (Summer Sale) $297.00 USD

I will prepare one custom designed XSitePro Template for $297.00 USD (1/2 price). This includes one XSitePro2 Template, and a custom designed header, a footer, side panels, menu bar. You can view and approve of the graphic header before we start work on the template. You will receive all of the corresponding XSitePro2 Template files, as well as the graphic images (Photoshop files) and anything else required for the template, including instructions for loading it into XSitePro2. 

Our work is guaranteed 100% to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied I will work to make sure that you are happy with your Template, or refund all of your money.

I want you to be completely happy with your Template.

XSitePro Template Guarantee Seal

You can make payment through my PayPal Account (BGS Web Design)
use the PayPal payment buttons below to make a down payment (starting payment), then return here to make your final payment (after I have delivered your XSitePro2 Web Template to you).

Down Payment $148.50
(required for me to start work)

Final Payment $148.50
(after I finish your template) 

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I specialize in custom XSitePro Template design & integrating scripts, forms, slideshows and email autoresponders.

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