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XSitePro To WordPress - The best book on making the integration to a XSP WordPress Theme. There are still some pieces left out, but this does the best job of describing how it's done. 

WordPress Blog Software - The ultimate blogging platform, available for free under GNU GPL General Public License.

WordPress Plugins - Search thousands of plugins and find exactly what you are looking for to make WordPress do just about anything.

WordPress Themes - Download a theme and change the look of your blog quickly. Of course to make it unique you are going to want to do some customization.

The WordPress Wizard - A great site with WordPress marketing tips and tricks.

iThemes - Business and CMS WordPress themes that are highly configurable.

PluginBuddy - dedicated WordPress plugins that are easily configured and cover backups, autoresponder/email and more

XCloner - Backup and restore entire WordPress Blog using this excellent free utility. Highly recommended.

Free Instructions on Cloning a WP Blog - Learn to Clone a WP blog for free.

WPClone - Clone your WP Blog to any other domain fast, for about $5.00.

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I specialize in custom XSitePro Template design & integrating scripts, forms, slideshows and email autoresponders.

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